The term DANSAEKHWA refers to a loose movement that emerged in Korean painting in the mid-1970s, when a group of artists began to push paint, soak canvas, drag pencils, rip paper and otherwise manipulate the materials of painting.

The word Dansaekhwa or Tansaekhwa means monochrome painting, and was used by the critic Lee Yil in 1980 to refer to a group of non-figurative paintings done in neutral hues. Promoted in Seoul, Tokyo and Paris, dansaekhwa grew to be the international face of contemporary Korean art and a cornerstone of contemporary Asian art.

This monochromatic and minimalistic Iine belongs to the wider HARA collection following the Oriental influences that has been shaping my art for quite some time already. My new pieces are born from an absolute abstract basis which inevitably flirts with figurative art, it feeds from my own conceptual experience through the prominent details that push out from the canvas. For this artworks, I decided to combine the contemporary art with hand-made baroque frames finished with polychrome (in spite of my paintings) and gold leaf. I tried to unite the antique with the newest artistic movements.

Despite all the styles and materials which I work with, all of my work has a common element: they inspire the spectator to think. One of the most amazing features of my work is the psychological representation of the character and its’ emotional and spiritual state of mind.

I want this work to typify and identify me inside the art world, turn the abstract in my hallmark.



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